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Pushkin Twin Towers – Batumi, Georgia

  • Listing type: Upcoming
  • Property type: Apartment

Property Description

Another multistory apartment complex built by DAR BUILDING is “TWINS”.  The construction of the building is completed. The process of installing metal-plastic windows and building partition walls is going on at the moment. Thus, you can see the apartments with your own eyes and choose any flat you wish.

The whole construction area of a 20-story house is 23 700 m², 3 500 m² of the space is for commercial use and the rest is for residential purposes.

The house consists of two separate A and B buildings. The carcass of the building is monolithic. During construction works for the company maximally follows safety rule, therefore the house can resist a magnitude 9 earthquake. The apartment complex includes 250 flats of different size.  A position of apartments is particularly notable-all of them are light and sunny.

Minimum space of apartment- 41m²; maximum-80 m².

In the well-appointed entrances of the apartment complex, there will be modern elevators installed. The entrance will be lined with high-quality materials and equipped with 24-hour security cameras.

For more comfort, the house will have well-organized and landscaped yard, open and indoor parking spaces.

As for location, the “TWINS” are situated in the most crowded and busy business districts of the city. From a commercial point of view, Pushkin street represents the center of trade.  The building complex is near Batumi funicular and waterfront. The apartments’ view at the port and seashore is rather spectacular. Sea makes the apartments look very special and attractive.

Buying an apartment, you can take advantage of our interest-free credit.  Internal, interest and fee-free credit is available to the end of spring, 2019.

The ready apartments have:

  • Lined outer facade;
  • Lined and painted entrance (overall areas);
  • Modern elevators installed; 2-2 passenger and freight elevators;
  • Ceiling height: 3m;
  • 1st and 2nd floors for commercial use;
  • Underground parking garage;
  • Ventilation channels;
  • Doors and windows installed: double glazing metal-plastic (or aluminum);
  • Lined balconies;
  • Entrance door installed (with wood or faux wood surface, door lock included);
  • Internal partition walls built according to the project; (additional works, e.g. arrangement of partition walls differently can be implemented on the basis of a written agreement, for additional payment)
  • Central vertical discharge stacks installed;
  • Natural gas line laid up to apartment;
  • Water supply pipes installed up to apartment;
  • Electricity installed up to apartment (individual metering);
  • Cable television, telephone, and internet lines installed up to apartment;
  • Surrounding area of the house resurfaced and beautified.


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